3 Golf Swing Tips to Help You Hit the Ball Farther

Hitting the golf ball farther off the tee doesn’t require stronger muscles and following complicated swing instructions. However, it does require practice several hours a day, whether on the course or at home using the best indoor golf simulator. But your practice should accompany a few swing tips to get more out of your stroke. 

Here are a few golf swing tips and tricks for you:

‘Super Glue’ Your Triceps

The Golf star, Ben Hogan, developed a powerful drill that lets you straighten a wayward swing plane. The main ingredient to this drill is “connection,” which suggests to lightly rest both triceps against your chest throughout the swing. To do this, imagine that your triceps have been super glued to your chest, preventing you from moving them away until you finish the swing. This drill intends to eliminate extreme out-to-in and in-to-out swings. 

3-Wood Wedge

You may be good at wedge shots, but you may stiffen up when you strike with your woods. Rather than getting a clean contact, as in the case of a wedge, you may hit your wood fat or top it. This usually happens because of the temptation to crush the ball using a long club. However, if you imagine the wood you are using as a long-shafted wedge, you will kill the urge to crush the ball or make a longer swing and make a smoother swing and solid contact. You can also practice this at home with the help of the best indoor golf simulator

Low Choke-Down Shot

Often, golfers need to hit the ball slightly lower than the normal to keep it under the wind or get it under a tree branch. Instead of changing your swing, you might consider changing your club. For example, add up two clubs — from a 9-iron to a 7-iron. Then, you just need to choke down on the grip and make your swing. By doing so, you are likely to hit the ball with a 7-iron trajectory, but cover the same distance as a 9-iron. 

Bottom line

Getting better at golf swings not only requires a deeper understanding of swings and their nitty-gritty but also long hours of practice, whether you do it in a course or at home using the best home golf simulator, coiled with golf swing tips and tricks. 

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