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Golfanytime of Michigan, LLC

Company phone: +1(888)5185340

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About Golf Anytime

Golf Anytime is a company that is committed to growing the game of golf on many levels. First, we are dedicated to bringing the latest technology to golfers around the world to help improve their game. Second, we are building a high quality line of at home golf products that can be used anytime, anywhere. Third, we are developing technology that will change the game of golf forever. Lastly, our biggest dream is to give golfers from all parts of the U.S., a chance to live their dream. We can’t tell you our plans for some of these yet, but in the coming months you will see our plans unfold. Stay tuned.


Golf is a family game. It brings generations together, bridges people from all different backgrounds together, and fuses friendships that last a lifetime. Golf Anytime is a family business. It is our mission to give back to the game more than it has ever given to us. Our goal is to continue to grow the game in order for our kids grand kids to get to experience this amazing game. This day and age technology plays a huge role in the advancement of the game. We believe in bringing the latest technology to people all over the world, at an affordable price.