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Eyeline Golf Checkpoint Laser Review

Eyeline Golf Checkpoint Laser Review We always try to review and use all of the products we offer through GolfAnytime. It doesn’t always happen right away for a lot of reasons. We finally had a chance to review one of our best selling products, the Eyeline Golf Checkpoint Laser. This is one of the most […]

How to build a DIY Backyard Putting Green

How to Build a DIY Backyard Putting Green Welcome to GolfAnytime’s guide to building your very own DIY Backyard Putting Green! In this guide we will show you just how easy it can be to build your very own putting green. I’ve never met a golfer who doesn’t want a putting green in their backyard. […]

How to Pick the Right Golf Simulator Projector

How to Pick the Right Golf Simulator Projector You don’t know how many questions come along with building a golf simulator, until you decide to build a golf simulator. That’s why GolfAnytime is here for you! We will help guide you along any part of your Golf Simulator Project. Whether it is the final stages […]

Golf Simulator Buyers Guide | 2021

Golf Simulator Buyers Guide | 2021 Building your own Golf Simulator can be exhausting. Whether you are in the early stages and planning your build or coming down the home stretch, this guide will help you bring all of the pieces together. From  to deciding on the best launch monitor, GolfAnytime makes building your own […]

Top Tips to Help You Choosing the Right Golf Strategy on the Course

Shooting lower scores in golf requires using the right golf strategy at the right time. By doing so, you can save yourself dozens of strokes during a season. However, choosing the right strategy can be challenging, especially for beginners. Generally, it demands making tough decisions in stressful situations on the golf course. Though you can […]

The Ultimate Buying Guide for Indoor Putting Mats

Why to invest in an indoor putting green? There may be more than one answer to that question but the only one you need to focus on is “it will improve your game drastically.” You have a putting mat for indoors; you practice your putting more often- it’s no rocket science! You don’t need to […]