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Best At-Home Putting Greens 2020 | No More 3 Putts!!

Best At-Home Putting Greens 2020

Welcome to GolfAnytime’s list of best At-Home Putting Greens for 2020. Here are some of the factors we took into account. First, how true it rolls compared to a normal putting surface. Second, It’s ability to help golfers actually putt better. Third, Cost in relation to other putting greens.

Quality, Quality, Quality

We have all been fooled by a cheap putting green. You know, the ones that aren’t thick enough to actually lay out over carpet and wrinkle up in the matter of weeks. This list of indoor putting greens are ones you can use for years, not months and will actually improve your putting. When it comes to putting greens with the best roll, two names come to mind. Tour Links, and Big Moss. These are the leaders in at home indoor putting greens, which is why we offer them here. Yes, there are a ton of putting green options out there but these two have really stood the test of time.

Big Moss was the first putting green manufacturer to actually change the shape of their greens to something much more realistic looking, feeling, and rolling. Tour Links is one of the only green manufacturers built on a platform to ensure it can be used on any surface. Both offer the truest rolling indoor putting greens you will find on the market today.

Train anytime with At-Home Putting Greens

One of the things that set these manufacturers apart is they started with the golfer in mind. They have tools that actually help golfers become better putters. Take the “Let’s Do This” putting green for example. This green is specifically designed to help you hit straight putts. As you probably have heard me talk about before, the ability to hit a dead straight putt is often the most overlooked skill in Golf. Great putters treat every putt like a dead straight putt and then let gravity bring the ball to the hole. That’s what the strings included with the “Let’s Do This” help you accomplish. It teaches you exactly how to square up to your line and you can see exactly how long your putt stays on its intended line.


Tour Links has also mastered this concept with their 13 foot Indoor Putting Green that is made to help with alignment. They also have a cheaper 9 Foot putting green for those with a smaller budget and space. Both come with all the tools necessary to make sure you are hitting a dead straight putt, every time.

Both of these manufacturers have taken the time to think of every detail when it comes to putting. Both include the strings needed so you can actually square up and watch your putt stay on line the entire way. They also both include break pads if you want to add a trickier putt to really hone in your putting skills.

All about the Dollars

Lastly, of course cost is always part of our decision. The “Let’s Do This” putting green retails at $239 with free shipping. Which makes it an incredible value for a true rolling putting green that can actually shave you strokes. The Tour Links models are slightly more expensive but for good reason. They are built on a 2″ platform that allows you to putt anywhere, anytime. They also feature cups that drop in just like you’re on the course, all from the comfort of your own home.

Of course these putting greens can be used indoors and outdoors which also gives them a leg up on a lot of the cheaper putting greens available today.

No More 3 Putts!

I don’t know about you but I think a 3 putt is the most frustrating thing in golf. I’m all done with them. I know that personally improving my putting could save me at least 3-4 shots a round and I’m a scratch golfer. The easiest way to improve is to practice at home. In as little as 10 minutes a day you can improve every aspect of your putting. 2021 is the year of “No More 3 Putts.” For a special offer for our readers for a limited time you can get a FREE Eyeline Putting Mirror with purchase of any putting green valued at $199 or more. This package will allow anyone to fix their putting from the comfort of their own home.


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