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Best Golf Nets 2020 | Make 2021 Your best Ball Striking Year

Best Golf Nets 2020

This has hands down been the craziest year of my lifetime, I’d imagine most of you can say the same. However, it doesn’t have to be all bad news. There’s plenty of great things going on in the world today too. It all depends on which side you choose to focus your attention on. For example, you can choose to follow the mainstream medias story line, or you can read about the best golf nets available in 2020. I’m glad you chose this instead. This is a step in the right direction to improving your ball striking. I know everyone wants to improve their ball striking, at least the people reading this article. How do we do that?

The answer is always time. We have to set aside time to make the change. It never has to be hours a day, in fact in 10 minutes a day you can fix your ball striking. All it takes is a quality golf net that you consistently use. The key is the consistently use part, you have to put in the time. I can show you the best nets available and have them at your door in a matter of days, but the results come from putting in the time. Here are two of our favorite brands.

The Net Return Golf Nets

The Net Return has been at the top of Tour Pro’s list and top Amateurs for years and it’s easy to see why. You can get way more practice in with less time because the ball is returned to you every time. It makes practice sessions way easier, fun, and much more efficient. This makes your ten minute practice session more than enough. Plus, all of their golf nets come with a 250,000 shot guarantee, the longest in the golf world. It’s no wonder why they have been voted Best Golf Net by so many Pros and Amateurs. Here are some of their most popular products.  The Net Return Pro Series was even voted the best golf net by MyGolf Spy in their article of best golf nets for 2020.


Cimarron Golf Nets

Our 2nd favorite brand is Cimarron Sports. Not only do they make extremely durable golf nets, they also make nets for many other sports, like The Net Return. Cimarron nets feature a 2″ steel frame that is sure to last for years. They have sizes and price ranges that start at $199 all the way up to around $1000 for the serious golfers. One of my favorite things about the Masters golf nets is the all come with a fairly large baffle that is so thick it is sure to last for years. These nets are also huge! They start at 7′ high by 11′ wide and go up to 9′ high and 12′ wide.

They are sure to catch any mis hits with their wide range.

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