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Big Moss Golf | Meet our Brands

Big Moss Golf | Meet our brands

Their Story

The story of Big Moss Golf goes all the way back to 1996. Their Co-founder, Tony Persico, had just started golfing and was struggling to consistently shoot in the 90’s. He had developed a pretty decent swing but was giving away a lot of strokes around the greens. He tried to practice anytime he could and even purchased a couple putting greens. After each of them quickly wore out and developed tracks he started to get a little frustrated. He couldn’t find a good putting green and his scores weren’t getting any better.

At the time Tony was working in the flooring industry and was removing a low profile carpet from a near by church. As he was hauling out this “green” carpet he had a great idea! “I can make a putting green out of this old carpet,” he said to himself. He brought the carpet home and the first Big Moss prototype was born. He showed his friends and practiced for several weeks before the carpet had they same problem. Eventually tracks are created and every putt goes in. Although this sounds like an excellent problem to have it’s not a good way to prepare yourself for real golf greens. Back to the drawing board.

Although the first prototype had some flaws there were a few things he loved about it compared the putting greens on the market. First, it was cut to actually look like the shape of a golf green. At the time all that was available were rectangular putting strips. Second, the surfaces of the current greens on the market would wrinkle and start to roll horribly, nothing like a real putting green. The carpet rolled much more true but you could use some improvement. The search for a better material began.

Big Moss Golf was born

After searching long and hard for the perfect material Tony and his co-founder Ken found the perfect material. To this day all Big Moss Greens are made out of this high quality commercial grade nylon, which explains why they last so long and can be used indoors or outdoors. Their second prototype was born and it was a huge hit amongst all their friends! It rolled so true that they used to have 18 hole putting matches with their friends. In essence, Big Moss Golf was born.

20 years later and thousands of Big Moss golf greens are in the homes of avid golfers everywhere. Not only was Tony able to help his own short game but through his short game struggles now offers the best short game packages on the market today. That’s right, when you buy a Big Moss Golf putting green you essentially get an all included short game package. This short game package comes with break pads to simulate thousands of different putts all in one green. They also come with a chipping mat to practice short pitches and chips, and backstops to ensure more practice time and less time chasing golf balls. Big Moss has come a long way since their original prototype to all the enhancements and short game add ons they offer now. Check out some of their most popular putting greens.

Big Moss Putting Greens

Big Moss putting greens recently made a huge announcement to upgrade all of their putting greens to the V2 model for free! That’s right, their already popular and well made putting greens now have some pretty exciting enhancements.

  • Foundation is 28% heavier and lays flat even on top of carpet
  • Removable foundation allows you to practice dead straight putts when removed
  • Break Pads included to simulate 100’s of different putts on one putting green
  • Stadium backstop that easily installs so golf balls don’t roll under the couch
  • Free upgraded chipping mat included
  • Cup sleeves and flag bases included for all regulation sized cups

Big Moss Golf’s most popular models

One of our favorite things about Big Moss Golf is that they literally have a size and model for everyone. They have so many different sizes, shapes, and unique styles to help improve anyones short game, no matter how good they are now. Their greens roll so true that any player can benefit and improve their short game. Whether you are looking for a large putting surface that you can practice many different lengths or a putting training aid to work on your short putts, there is a model for you. Check them out.

The Original Big Moss Putting Green

True to Tony’s original design, The Original features it’s green like shape and now comes in 3 sizes. The Original is 3’x9′, the Original EX1 is 3’x12′ and The Original EX2 is 3’x15′. Like all Big Moss Putting Greens you get an all included short game package with your purchase including:

  • Free thick foundation for a guaranteed true roll on any surface
  • Chipping Mat and break pads included
  • Stadium backstop included
Big Moss at home golf putting green

The Country Club Putting Green

What makes the Country Club model so popular is its large size gives golfers hundreds of different looks all in one putting green. It features 4 putting cups including a reduced size to build confidence and make regulation sized cups appear huge! This model comes in a 6’x10′ and a 6’x12′ option making it a great practice tool for those scoring putts. As with all Big Moss putting greens they come with an entire short game package and make an incredible indoor or outdoor putting green.

big moss golf country club indoor putting green in golf shop

The Backyard Putting/chipping green

The backyard putting green is one of Big Moss’ most sought after putting greens. I know I am not the only one that has tried to set up a golf green in their backyard. It’s way harder than it should be and never turns out good enough to want to actually practice on it. The Backyard putting and chipping green solves all of these problems. It comes in two sizes and is soft enough to even hold a full wedge. They have a 6’x12′ and a 6’x15′ model that even come with a pin and flag! If you struggle from 75 yards and in then the Backyard Putting/Chipping green is for you!

Big moss golf outdoor putting target green in backyard with golf balls

Michael Breed Focus Point Golf green

The Michael Breed Focus Point is one of the most unique and alignment focused greens on the market. Last year we wrote an incredible article about the importance of being able to hit a dead straight putt. Why? Because every putt is a dead straight putt, gravity just gets in the way. This is why you always see pro golfers working on dead straight putts with alignment tools. With The Focus Point putting green the alignment guides are built in and it actually trains your brain to focus on the smaller cup, which will help you make more putts.

Big Moss Golf Michael Breed Focus Point indoor golf putting green

These are just some of the reasons we decided Big Moss Golf was a perfect GolfAnytime product. Tony and his team have been here with us from our start and one of the first brands we offered to our customers. Not only does Tony have a great story and has built an incredible business, but yes his putting and short game is much improved.