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In the golf game tips & strategies section GolfAnytime will highlight the latest in golf improvement tips, techniques, and strategies that are used all around the world. We will write about easy ways to help you lower your scores. Our goal has always been to help grow the game of golf and to help grow the love for golf. Golfers tend to fall in love with the game a little deeper when they know what they’re doing on the golf course and don’t feel embarrassed every time they grab a golf club. With our simple tips and strategies you are sure to be able to improve every aspect of your golf game. Because we specialize in at home golf products we can even recommend the latest in golf products that will help with a certain area of your game. This makes game improvement extremely streamlined and very straight forward. It makes improving and lowering scores extremely easy so you can enjoy the game. Our promise to you is to give you everything we can to help with every aspect of your golf game. With the proper tools, the right golf technology, and tips and strategies to bring it all together, you are on your way to lower scores, with GolfAnytime.

Cimarron Super Swing Golf Net

Best Golf Nets 2020 | Make 2021 Your best Ball Striking Year

Best Golf Nets 2020

This has hands down been the craziest year of my lifetime, I’d imagine most of you can say the same. However, it doesn’t have to be all bad news. There’s plenty of great things going on in the world today too. It all depends on which side you choose to focus your attention on. For example, you can choose to follow the mainstream medias story line, or you can read about the best golf nets available in 2020. I’m glad you chose this instead. This is a step in the right direction to improving your ball striking. I know everyone wants to improve their ball striking, at least the people reading this article. How do we do that?

The answer is always time. We have to set aside time to make the change. It never has to be hours a day, in fact in 10 minutes a day you can fix your ball striking. All it takes is a quality golf net that you consistently use. The key is the consistently use part, you have to put in the time. I can show you the best nets available and have them at your door in a matter of days, but the results come from putting in the time. Here are two of our favorite brands.

The Net Return Golf Nets

The Net Return has been at the top of Tour Pro’s list and top Amateurs for years and it’s easy to see why. You can get way more practice in with less time because the ball is returned to you every time. It makes practice sessions way easier, fun, and much more efficient. This makes your ten minute practice session more than enough. Plus, all of their golf nets come with a 250,000 shot guarantee, the longest in the golf world. It’s no wonder why they have been voted Best Golf Net by so many Pros and Amateurs. Here are some of their most popular products.  The Net Return Pro Series was even voted the best golf net by MyGolf Spy in their article of best golf nets for 2020.


Cimarron Golf Nets

Our 2nd favorite brand is Cimarron Sports. Not only do they make extremely durable golf nets, they also make nets for many other sports, like The Net Return. Cimarron nets feature a 2″ steel frame that is sure to last for years. They have sizes and price ranges that start at $199 all the way up to around $1000 for the serious golfers. One of my favorite things about the Masters golf nets is the all come with a fairly large baffle that is so thick it is sure to last for years. These nets are also huge! They start at 7′ high by 11′ wide and go up to 9′ high and 12′ wide.

They are sure to catch any mis hits with their wide range.

For more info check out our golf nets page here




"Let's Do This" At-Home Putting Green

Best At-Home Putting Greens 2020 | No More 3 Putts!!

Best At-Home Putting Greens 2020

Welcome to GolfAnytime’s list of best At-Home Putting Greens for 2020. Here are some of the factors we took into account. First, how true it rolls compared to a normal putting surface. Second, It’s ability to help golfers actually putt better. Third, Cost in relation to other putting greens.

Quality, Quality, Quality

We have all been fooled by a cheap putting green. You know, the ones that aren’t thick enough to actually lay out over carpet and wrinkle up in the matter of weeks. This list of indoor putting greens are ones you can use for years, not months and will actually improve your putting. When it comes to putting greens with the best roll, two names come to mind. Tour Links, and Big Moss. These are the leaders in at home indoor putting greens, which is why we offer them here. Yes, there are a ton of putting green options out there but these two have really stood the test of time.

Big Moss was the first putting green manufacturer to actually change the shape of their greens to something much more realistic looking, feeling, and rolling. Tour Links is one of the only green manufacturers built on a platform to ensure it can be used on any surface. Both offer the truest rolling indoor putting greens you will find on the market today.

Train anytime with At-Home Putting Greens

One of the things that set these manufacturers apart is they started with the golfer in mind. They have tools that actually help golfers become better putters. Take the “Let’s Do This” putting green for example. This green is specifically designed to help you hit straight putts. As you probably have heard me talk about before, the ability to hit a dead straight putt is often the most overlooked skill in Golf. Great putters treat every putt like a dead straight putt and then let gravity bring the ball to the hole. That’s what the strings included with the “Let’s Do This” help you accomplish. It teaches you exactly how to square up to your line and you can see exactly how long your putt stays on its intended line.


Tour Links has also mastered this concept with their 13 foot Indoor Putting Green that is made to help with alignment. They also have a cheaper 9 Foot putting green for those with a smaller budget and space. Both come with all the tools necessary to make sure you are hitting a dead straight putt, every time.

Both of these manufacturers have taken the time to think of every detail when it comes to putting. Both include the strings needed so you can actually square up and watch your putt stay on line the entire way. They also both include break pads if you want to add a trickier putt to really hone in your putting skills.

All about the Dollars

Lastly, of course cost is always part of our decision. The “Let’s Do This” putting green retails at $239 with free shipping. Which makes it an incredible value for a true rolling putting green that can actually shave you strokes. The Tour Links models are slightly more expensive but for good reason. They are built on a 2″ platform that allows you to putt anywhere, anytime. They also feature cups that drop in just like you’re on the course, all from the comfort of your own home.

Of course these putting greens can be used indoors and outdoors which also gives them a leg up on a lot of the cheaper putting greens available today.

No More 3 Putts!

I don’t know about you but I think a 3 putt is the most frustrating thing in golf. I’m all done with them. I know that personally improving my putting could save me at least 3-4 shots a round and I’m a scratch golfer. The easiest way to improve is to practice at home. In as little as 10 minutes a day you can improve every aspect of your putting. 2021 is the year of “No More 3 Putts.” For a special offer for our readers for a limited time you can get a FREE Eyeline Putting Mirror with purchase of any putting green valued at $199 or more. This package will allow anyone to fix their putting from the comfort of their own home.


Home Golf Pro Package V2 Golf Net

Offseason Training Guide | Golf Practice Nets | Training Aids & more

Offseason Training Guide | Golf Practice Nets | Training Aids & more

Everyone wants to hit the ball more consistently, hit more fairways and greens, and score lower. What’s holding us back? I think for many golfers its not knowing what a proper strike looks or feels like. Even the ones that do often struggle to fix their ball striking for the long term. Why? Golfers are often practicing the wrong things and going back into old habits that feel comfortable. Here is how to correct that. This post is going to show you how adding a golf practice net can drastically lower scores in just 10 minutes per day.

Impact is everything

Yup, thats right, impact is everything. In fact, some would argue its the only thing that really matters. How do we retrain ourselves to impact the ball correctly? If you have been following my work you know how deeply I believe in engaging your subconscious mind. What the F*** does that mean? Your subconscious is the deepest part of you and is responsible for many of your unconscious habits, including your habits on the golf course.

Okay, whats your point? My point is that in order to fix your ball striking you have to MASSIVELY override the behavior that isnt working for you. If you are coming over the top you need to practice dropping the club into the slot position without hitting a ball. Literally rehearse this one move over and over and I would say exaggerate the correct move.  Products like the Eyeline Checkpoint Laser help you do this with ease.

The simple addition of adding an indoor or outdoor golf practice net to your home can really help hammer in these new impact habits. If you ever watch pros at the range you kinda get what im saying. They tend to over correct their errors by drilling in the correct habit. Now I know none of us have hours a day to do this, but in as little as 10 minutes a day this can have a huge impact on your golf game.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Of course you don’t have enough time to practice, we live in America. There are one million things to do on all our lists and our faced paced society reminds us of even more things we need to add to that list. Fuck all that, you need to narrow your focus on the things that really matter to you. Stop running around in a hundred different directions all day.

When I say practice, practice, practice it doesn’t mean you need an hour a day or more. The important part of practice is consistency. That’s how we engage the subconscious and create the new behavior. I’ll be honest, I never thought practicing at home would ever translate to the course, but I’ve been practicing what I preach a few years now and have seen MASSIVE RESULTS.

It’s because I know how to engage the subconscious, It’s the habit mind and to override it you have to stop the old behavior and practice the new one. Just 10 minutes a day can get you some serious results.

At Home Practice Net

I never thought hitting balls into a net would be impactful or translate to any real results on the course. Boy, was I wrong. The first year I got my practice golf net for home I dropped 3 strokes and am now a scratch handicap golfer. You see, there is knowing where your ball went by watching its flight, and then there’s knowing where your ball went by feel. When you start to feel what would happen with each swing you become much more engaged and are able to correct the mis hits.

Also, hitting golf balls into a practice net can also help you practice certain weaknesses in your swing, also engaging the subconscious. Say at impact your face is slightly open and hands behind the ball, you can intentionally practice and fix this mistake in as little as ten minutes per day. For most golfers correcting impact could save them ten shots or more!

Here are a few golf practice nets we recommend

Cimarron Super Swing Golf Practice Net

Cimarron Super Swing Golf Net

The Net Return Home Golf Pro Package

Home Golf Pro Package V2

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Golf Fitness program picture

Golf Fitness Programs and why you should start one today

Golf fitness programs and why you should start one today

In this edition of the GolfAnytime blog we will discuss Golf Fitness programs and why this is a crucial piece to improving your golf game. Golf fitness and golf workouts should be very different than a normal workout routine and in some cases much more beneficial than a normal workout routine.

I don’t know about you but I know a lot of people that workout to build strength and muscle mass, but if you were to ask them about flexibility, longevity, and movement you would hear crickets. Why is that? My quick answer is because people often don’t think about the consequences, especially 10 or 20 years down the road. Is weight lifting and running helping your golf game? Of course not, while they do help you get into get physical condition a good golf workout program focuses on a completely different objective, Movement.

Movement is the #1 thing holding most golfers back from reaching their true potential and playing this game we love for decades. Most golfers simply can’t swing properly because they are not in good enough physical shape. Golf can be very taxing on the body but in most of these cases it’s simply the body making incorrect compensations due to the golfer not being in good enough physical form. How do we fix this? Easy, check out the Best Golf Workouts 2020 as we will highlight what areas to target and give you some simple workouts you can do in the comfort of your own home.

Why should I start a Golf Fitness Program

There are some HUGE benefits to doing a golf fitness program, just to name a few.

  • Hit the ball longer
  • Higher club head and ball speed
  • Less trouble hitting out of bunkers and thick rough
  • Lower percentage of injuries
  • Play the game longer
  • Make efficient golf swings without swinging too hard
  • Better physical shape
  • Lower your scores

These are just a few of the benefits you will notice when you consistently workout targeting the right areas of your body. We all want to hit the ball longer, how do we do it? I’ll give you a hint, it’s not spending $500 on the latest driver that guarantees 10 more yards. Drivers have been maxed out for distance years ago, if they went any farther they’d be illegal. It’s not swinging harder, in fact in most cases swinging harder actually lowers club head speed and ball speed because of poor swing efficiency and mishits.

Most important areas to target for Golf Workouts

The Core

I’m sure most of you know this already but you Core is without a doubt the most important area to target when it comes to golf fitness programs. Anyway with good swing efficiency and club head speed will tell you that it comes from your core. What workouts target this area? Squats, squat jumps, and anything rotational from the hips up. Also anything that targets abs as well. The best way to do this in regards to golf fitness would be to include movements that relate to the golf swing. Think of a squat with rotation on the way up.


Many golfers don’t realize this but your legs play a huge role in your golf swing. Every long hitter in the world realizes this while guys that struggle to hit the ball 225 yards or more usually don’t. Your golf swing using leverage from the ground is far more powerful than just using your arms and hands. What I always tell people is to pause and the top of their backswing. Starting the down swing does not include throwing your arms and hands at the ball as fast as you can. You have to start the downswing with the weight transfer and the rotation from your legs. You are literally pulling the arms back into motion from your hips, not from your upper body.


Last but certainly not least, rotation. Rotation is obviously a major part of the golf swing and can either help or hurt you. If your body is not able to rotate properly you will miss out on yards, longevity, and of course, strokes. Having the ability to rotate properly allows all the pieces of the golf swing to fall into place perfectly and at the right time. That is how pros can swing so softly and smoothly yet strike a golf ball that goes 300 yards. They’re swing efficiency is nearly perfect because their body has the ability to rotate around a stable core.

When to start your new Golf Fitness Program

NOW! It sounds cliche but now is the only time you ever have to change the direction in your life. I never understand this until recently something shifted for me. I began to understand why decisions can only be made now. Why can’t I do this later? Why do things that get put off continue to be procrastinated on? It’s really pretty simple. You can’t make a decision in the future and you can’t make a decision in the past. You can only make a decision right now. In the future you will have a whole new set of circumstances and reasons why or why not you can do something. Right now is the perfect time to make a new decision and set the course for a new golf fitness program or a new workout program all together. The only time you will ever have to accomplish your goals is right now, so get started.

Just Relax