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The meet our brands section of the GolfAnytime Blog is for just that, meeting our brands. We will tell the story of each and everyone of our brands at GolfAnytime. How they started, where the idea came from, and their most popular products and services that can help lower your scores. After all, if it doesn’t help lower your scores, then we don’t sell it. Get to know all of the brands within GolfAnytime and help decide what product is right for you. We realize that if you have not before searched for at home golf products that you probably are not familiar with brands like Cimarron Sports, Ernest Sports, or Optishot Golf. With the meet our brands section it gives readers the ability to learn about the most popular and highest quality golf brands to date. With new golf equipment brands launching every day it is hard to know which ones are of the highest quality and most importantly which ones work. With GolfAnytime, we already did the work of finding the highest quality brands and matching their products to your needs. Read our blog to learn the latest about the brands we currently sell and brands that we will soon be launching.

Lady Golfer using SuperSpeed Golf ladies set swing weight

SuperSpeed Golf Training System | Meet Our Brands

SuperSpeed golf Training system| meet our brands

In this weeks edition of Meet Our Brands we will be introducing SuperSpeed Golf. SuperSpeed Golf has designed and created revolutionary golf swing training products that are used by over 700 top tour pros today! The SuperSpeed Golf Training System is simple and easy and helps thousands of golfers all over the world increase their club head speed through scientific principles. Why SuperSpeed Golf? Their customers get results. The average user of SuperSpeed Golf products sees a 10% increase in club head speed in as little as 6 weeks!

Meet the Founders

SuperSpeed Golf was founded in 2014 by Michael Napoleon and Kyle Shay. Since 2014 they have used scientifically proven principles of underload/overload training to help thousands of golfers increase their club head speed and swing efficiency and gain more yards in every aspect of the game. Users of their products find out very quickly that your arms can not dominate the swing. So many amateurs think that club head speed comes from the upper body. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. If you are going to gain club head speed with the SuperSpeed Golf Training System you must learn to swing from the ground up.

SuperSpeed Golf Products

SuperSpeed Golf Products are a simple 3 weight progressive program that you use to develop your power. Simply start with the lightest weight and follow their free guide to increase your speed and distance. SuperSpeed Golf Training System users notice an increase in club head speed within weeks of using their products. SuperSpeed Golf products have helped so much that they have since released products for every age group and swing type and now help LPGA Tour Players and even kids aged 7-9 increase their club head speed.

SuperSpeed Golf swing weights system

Who are SuperSpeed Products for?

SuperSpeed Golf has become so popular that they have created a line of products for every age group and swing speed! Whether you are just taking up the game or on the PGA Tour, there is a SuperSpeed product for you! Speed training for golf has never been easier! Simply swing SuperSpeed Golf Training System products 3 times per week and watch your club head speed steadily increase with use!

Home Course golf company logo

HomeCourse® Golf | Meet our Brands

HomeCourse® Golf | Meet our brands

Isn’t it amazing that we live in a world where so many people can bring their ideas to life and help solve problems with their creations? That’s exactly what Joseph Manieri did with the HomeCourse® Golf fully retractable golf simulator screen. He wanted to be able to warm up and play full rounds of golf in the comfort of your own home. So that’s what he did, he recognized a problem, a gap in the market, and came up with a solution that many golfers didn’t know was possible. He put a fully retractable golf simulator screen in your house. With its included remote control and one press of the button you turn any room into a golf room in under 30 seconds. Thank God for people like Joseph Manieri that don’t see the world for what it is but what it can be.

Let’s Check out the Products

HomeCourse® Golf Simulator Screen

What is the HomeCourse® Golf Simulator Screen? This screen is the first of its kind, it is fully retractable in under 30 seconds, wireless remote, and extremely portable. It is truly what every golfer has always wanted. It is extremely durable and can be used with a real golf ball, and is completely safe with its included extendable pro ams and sky netting. It can safely handle golf ball speeds up to 225 MPH! Also known as, faster than you can hit a golf ball. Turn any room in your home into a fully functional golf simulator thanks to Joe’s amazing creation!

HomeCourse® Retractable Golf Screen front view

HomeCourse® Landing Pad

The only down side to having a golf simulator in your home is the risk of damaging your belongings. Won’t a golf ball constantly landing on my floors be really noisy and damage them? No worries, the HomeCourse® Landing Pad is the perfect solution. It fits perfectly underneath your HomeCourse® Golf simulator screen and will soften the blow on every shot and keep your home quiet and safe. This is not a golf hitting mat and is made specifically to be used with the HomeCourse® Landing Pad.

Home Course Landing pad golf landing mat

HomeCourse® Mounting Kit

The HomeCourse® Mounting Kit makes the HomeCourse® simulator screen even more convenient. Simply hang the simulator screen on your wall and completely change your room in seconds. This Kit is specifically made for the HomeCourse® Golf Screen and is for ceilings that are taller than 9 feet to avoid the screen sagging on the floor. This is a simple and easy way to keep your HomeCourse® golf screen completely hidden when it’s not “golf time.” Of course if you’re reading this article, you’re probably like me and wish that it was always “Golf Time.”

Home Course Mounting Kit for Golf Simulator screen

GolfAnytime, Golf Anywhere

Our commitment to the game of golf is to give everyone the opportunity to GolfAnytime, and of course anywhere. I don’t know exactly how we are going to accomplish this goal yet, but I don’t have to. Like Joe, I see a problem that needs to be solved. Golf, for too many is too expensive and just not as accessible as we would like it to be. In order for the game to continue to grow cost, pace of play, and instruction all needs to be tweaked. We see a world where anyone can afford to play golf anytime, and anywhere they choose. Comment below if you want to live in this world.

Ernest Sports logo

Ernest Sports Launch Monitors | Meet our Brands

Ernest Sports Launch Monitors | Meet our brands

The Story of Ernest Sports begins in Atlanta, Georgia in the winter of 2012. Recognizing a need for golf data at the amateur level Ernest Sports introduced the ES12 Player launch monitor. This was their first of many launch monitors and set the tone for the quality and affordability that Ernest Sports still believes in today. Ernest Sports has since become a staple in golf technology for golf pros, golf club fitters, and golfers of all skill levels to help them improve their golf game. Their use of Doppler Technology Radars make them one of the most affordable Doppler Based technologies on the market today.

Golf Data & what it can do for you

Golf pros have been using the latest in golf technology for decades. If an amateur wanted to use golf technology they to track their game they would have to pay big bucks for a session with a pro to track simple things like club head and ball speed, or carry distance, and spin rates. Thanks to Ernest Sports these technologies have all become available to amateur golfers at an extremely affordable price. Launch Monitors like the ES14 Pro track all the important shot and ball data for under $500. The release of the ES14 changed the game for launch monitors and made it possible for every golfer to carry the latest in golf technology.

Ernest sports free app

One of the most popular features of Ernest Sports products is free lifetime access to the Ernest Sports App. This gives you shot by shot data on Android or IOS and is available for tablets and mobile devices. Get club recommendations on the course based on past shot data, skills challenge, and compare your stats to PGA and LPGA players. The app also simulates flight of each shot and shows trajectory as well as other crucial data.

Ernest Sports has a launch monitor for every player

One of the things that makes Ernest Sports unique is that they really cater to every level of player. Someone that is just getting started in golf will not want to spend 10,000 or more on a new launch monitor. Meet the ES12, priced at just $199 it makes it affordable for any player. The ES14 Pro is the next model up that includes some extra data for a player a little more in tuned with their game. They also have options for driving range owners looking to bring golf technology to their customers. The ES15 is the perfect solution for the driving range owner looking to increase traffic and revenue by offering their customers the latest in golf technology.

Of course then there is the ES 20/20. This is the launch monitor that is being compared to the most expensive and well known brands in the game today, at a fraction of the cost. The ES 20/20 features two enhanced doppler radars making it one of the most accurate launch monitors. Now that you have gotten a chance to meet all of the Ernest Sports Launch monitors lets check them out in a little more detail.

ES12 Player Launch Monitor

Ernest Sports es golf launch monitor with box and carrying case

The ES12 was Ernest Sports first golf launch monitor. It quickly became very popular as one of the very first hand held launch monitors that were affordable for any level golfer. Around this time you couldn’t find launch monitors for under a couple thousand dollars. Until Ernest Sports came around. They revolutionized the game with the launch of the ES12 Player. The ES12 tracks the two most common data points, ball speed, and total distance. Both of these data point have a ton of beneficial uses to help improve your game. Even more benefits when you add in the Ernest Sports App.

The Ernest Sports app was made to help golfers sift through their data. It give golfers the ability to look at the data and translate it into lower scores. The Ernest Sports Club Caddy feature gives golfers a club recommendation simply by typing in how far away you are from the flag. How does it do that? The Ernest Sports app stores all of your range session data and puts together an average distance for each club.

With the Ernest Sports app you can also “gamify” you practice rounds and challenge your skills with the skills challenge feature. The app also gives players the ability to see their club gaps by showing averages for each club. This can be very beneficial as its hard to know and see all of your club averages with out it. Now you can fix any large gaps in between clubs which will lower your scores.

The ES12 Player changed the market in 2012, I think you can see why. Ernest Sports saw a huge growing market and had the perfect product to fill it. The ES12 Player got Ernest Sports in the golf business and would help keep them here for years to come.

ES14 Pro Launch Monitor

Ernest Sports es14 golf launch monitor white front view

The ES14 Pro wan’t far behind the ES12, just a few years later Ernest Sports took a market that was growing to the next level. Players simply demanded more. At this point every golf pro was using data to help them improve. Of course this was going on for years before, but having critical ball speed and club data made it even easier to find weaknesses in your numbers.

The ES14 Pro brought game improvement, club fitting, and coaching to whole new levels. The ES14 Pro tracks all of the crucial data. You still get the total distance and ball speed but it tracks 4 additional data points. Now with the ES14 you can track club head speed, smash factor, launch angle, and spin rate. This gives you a complete picture of what is going on in someones swing and or your own and what needs to be adjusted.

With the ES14 Pro the app has even more features! Now you can see an animated view of the ball in flight as well as all of your shot data on one screen. These are the features that helped take Ernest Sports to the next level. They saw another opportunity and filled another gap in the market. The ES14 Pro is to this day, the most popular product at Ernest Sports and has changed golf in many ways.

Ernest sports es 20/20

Ernest Sports es 2020 golf launch monitor front view

Last but not least is the ES20/20. The ES20/20 is the launch monitor sure to take on all of the higher end launch monitors. It is a much lower price than many of the top of the line launch monitors that the pros use. At the same time it tracks a lot of the same data for a fraction of the cost. The ES20/20 features the ability to be used as a launch monitor and offers full golf simulation gameplay. It also features a long 8 hour battery life and tracks 22 data points!

The ES2020 tracks all 6 data points on previous models while adding in some really important ones. It breaks down distance into 5 factors showing total distance, carry distance, roll, and lateral carry distance and lateral total distance. For ball data it also adds in the ability to track apex, spin axis, landing angle, and shows shot dispersion. These additional ball tracking features make the ES2020 a great value for low to mid handicap golfers.

The most amazing part of the ES2020 is its club tracking features. It uses ultra high speed cameras to track the most important club data available today. Now you can see your clubs face angle, face to path, spin loft and angle of attack. All of these features of course have the ability to be used and transferred to the Ernest Sports app which is where you can really make the adjustments to lower your scores.

It’s easy to see how Ernest Sports has cemented themselves at the top of the golf technology industry. Their strategy is simple, make cutting edge products and make them available to anyone. They have been doing just that since 2012.

Big Moss Golf Logo

Big Moss Golf | Meet our Brands

Big Moss Golf | Meet our brands

Their Story

The story of Big Moss Golf goes all the way back to 1996. Their Co-founder, Tony Persico, had just started golfing and was struggling to consistently shoot in the 90’s. He had developed a pretty decent swing but was giving away a lot of strokes around the greens. He tried to practice anytime he could and even purchased a couple putting greens. After each of them quickly wore out and developed tracks he started to get a little frustrated. He couldn’t find a good putting green and his scores weren’t getting any better.

At the time Tony was working in the flooring industry and was removing a low profile carpet from a near by church. As he was hauling out this “green” carpet he had a great idea! “I can make a putting green out of this old carpet,” he said to himself. He brought the carpet home and the first Big Moss prototype was born. He showed his friends and practiced for several weeks before the carpet had they same problem. Eventually tracks are created and every putt goes in. Although this sounds like an excellent problem to have it’s not a good way to prepare yourself for real golf greens. Back to the drawing board.

Although the first prototype had some flaws there were a few things he loved about it compared the putting greens on the market. First, it was cut to actually look like the shape of a golf green. At the time all that was available were rectangular putting strips. Second, the surfaces of the current greens on the market would wrinkle and start to roll horribly, nothing like a real putting green. The carpet rolled much more true but you could use some improvement. The search for a better material began.

Big Moss Golf was born

After searching long and hard for the perfect material Tony and his co-founder Ken found the perfect material. To this day all Big Moss Greens are made out of this high quality commercial grade nylon, which explains why they last so long and can be used indoors or outdoors. Their second prototype was born and it was a huge hit amongst all their friends! It rolled so true that they used to have 18 hole putting matches with their friends. In essence, Big Moss Golf was born.

20 years later and thousands of Big Moss golf greens are in the homes of avid golfers everywhere. Not only was Tony able to help his own short game but through his short game struggles now offers the best short game packages on the market today. That’s right, when you buy a Big Moss Golf putting green you essentially get an all included short game package. This short game package comes with break pads to simulate thousands of different putts all in one green. They also come with a chipping mat to practice short pitches and chips, and backstops to ensure more practice time and less time chasing golf balls. Big Moss has come a long way since their original prototype to all the enhancements and short game add ons they offer now. Check out some of their most popular putting greens.

Big Moss Putting Greens

Big Moss putting greens recently made a huge announcement to upgrade all of their putting greens to the V2 model for free! That’s right, their already popular and well made putting greens now have some pretty exciting enhancements.

  • Foundation is 28% heavier and lays flat even on top of carpet
  • Removable foundation allows you to practice dead straight putts when removed
  • Break Pads included to simulate 100’s of different putts on one putting green
  • Stadium backstop that easily installs so golf balls don’t roll under the couch
  • Free upgraded chipping mat included
  • Cup sleeves and flag bases included for all regulation sized cups

Big Moss Golf’s most popular models

One of our favorite things about Big Moss Golf is that they literally have a size and model for everyone. They have so many different sizes, shapes, and unique styles to help improve anyones short game, no matter how good they are now. Their greens roll so true that any player can benefit and improve their short game. Whether you are looking for a large putting surface that you can practice many different lengths or a putting training aid to work on your short putts, there is a model for you. Check them out.

The Original Big Moss Putting Green

True to Tony’s original design, The Original features it’s green like shape and now comes in 3 sizes. The Original is 3’x9′, the Original EX1 is 3’x12′ and The Original EX2 is 3’x15′. Like all Big Moss Putting Greens you get an all included short game package with your purchase including:

  • Free thick foundation for a guaranteed true roll on any surface
  • Chipping Mat and break pads included
  • Stadium backstop included
Big Moss at home golf putting green

The Country Club Putting Green

What makes the Country Club model so popular is its large size gives golfers hundreds of different looks all in one putting green. It features 4 putting cups including a reduced size to build confidence and make regulation sized cups appear huge! This model comes in a 6’x10′ and a 6’x12′ option making it a great practice tool for those scoring putts. As with all Big Moss putting greens they come with an entire short game package and make an incredible indoor or outdoor putting green.

big moss golf country club indoor putting green in golf shop

The Backyard Putting/chipping green

The backyard putting green is one of Big Moss’ most sought after putting greens. I know I am not the only one that has tried to set up a golf green in their backyard. It’s way harder than it should be and never turns out good enough to want to actually practice on it. The Backyard putting and chipping green solves all of these problems. It comes in two sizes and is soft enough to even hold a full wedge. They have a 6’x12′ and a 6’x15′ model that even come with a pin and flag! If you struggle from 75 yards and in then the Backyard Putting/Chipping green is for you!

Big moss golf outdoor putting target green in backyard with golf balls

Michael Breed Focus Point Golf green

The Michael Breed Focus Point is one of the most unique and alignment focused greens on the market. Last year we wrote an incredible article about the importance of being able to hit a dead straight putt. Why? Because every putt is a dead straight putt, gravity just gets in the way. This is why you always see pro golfers working on dead straight putts with alignment tools. With The Focus Point putting green the alignment guides are built in and it actually trains your brain to focus on the smaller cup, which will help you make more putts.

Big Moss Golf Michael Breed Focus Point indoor golf putting green

These are just some of the reasons we decided Big Moss Golf was a perfect GolfAnytime product. Tony and his team have been here with us from our start and one of the first brands we offered to our customers. Not only does Tony have a great story and has built an incredible business, but yes his putting and short game is much improved.