Eyeline Check Point Swing Laser Golf Swing Training Aid

Eyeline Golf Checkpoint Laser Review

Eyeline Golf Checkpoint Laser Review

We always try to review and use all of the products we offer through GolfAnytime. It doesn’t always happen right away for a lot of reasons. We finally had a chance to review one of our best selling products, the Eyeline Golf Checkpoint Laser. This is one of the most searched and sought after training aids in golf, and for good reason. I have been stuck at the high 70’s threshold in golf for years, not knowing that one simple tool could set me on an entirely new path. Here’s what happened after a couple sessions with the Checkpoint Laser.

Are you sure your swing is on plane?

Well, are you? I was sure my swing was on plane. After a couple swing sessions I found that my swing is terribly off plane. While I make it work most rounds and limit my misses to good areas, I am missing something huge, that is consistency. Eyeline Golf will help you deliver just that. I didn’t realize how bad my impact position was, my follow through, my backswing. They were all in terrible positions, over the years I just found ways to make it work. Now with Eyeline Golf I can fix all of that in just 10 minutes a day.

Impact is Everything

If you don’t already know this, impact is everything. That’s why launch monitors are so incredibly accurate. They take a snap shot at impact an do some math and spit out numbers that are extremely accurate. Impact is virtually the only thing that matters. How do we create and maintain perfect impact? One easy way is to use the Eyeline Golf Checkpoint Laser. It will teach you how to consistently strike the ball with delayed impact which will give you consistency and more distance in your golf game. Who doesn’t want more distance and consistency?

Engage your Subconscious

My favorite part about training aids like this is they don’t actually require any swing changes or new thoughts on the golf course. We have enough of that going on. In just 10 minutes a day, you can retrain your muscle memory and subconscious mind to perform the new swing. You just have to do the work consistently to retrain the brain the new habit. This is what you always see pros doing on the driving range when they are over correcting. They are simply trying to retrain the brain the new habit to override their miss. This is what the Eyeline Checkpoint Laser does for you, in just 10 minutes per day.