You have a $500 golf budget, Golf coach or golf clubs?

In the past 6 months my girlfriend and I have made HUGE changes in our lives. We both came across very interesting information and learned how to recognize our own patterns in life that were holding us back. We started learning how to permanently change our thoughts, habits, feelings, and beliefs. Little did we know, these patterns were holding us back for years. As soon as we did this our lives began to change drastically in a few short months. We both have been able to make these changes thanks to our willingness to hire our first coaches. Golf clubs or Golf Coach will help you decide where your golf budget should go.

When you look at the worlds highest ranking professionals you will find that the majority of them have a coach. While it seems that many of us that are struggling never have the time or money to find a coach. I think most of us believe it to be a waste of money and look for another “solution” instead. So where would you spend your $500, Golf clubs or Golf Coach?

Still think Golf Clubs?

Yes, golf clubs are important. When I first started out some of the biggest leaps I made was because of newer technology that allowed me to hit the ball farther and straighter. However, unless you are upgrading from a set of Sam Sneads new clubs very rarely make the lasting impact that a coach will. Had we never hired our life coaches we would still be spinning our wheels. Stuck in the same habits and beliefs and not even aware that we held the key to unlock our future. The same is true for golf, all of his practice the same poor habits that are keeping us from breaking that next threshold without even knowing what is holding us back.

A better swing can hit any club

Think about it like this, a pro can strike any golf club well. If that is true than it is not your golf club holding you back. It is your lack of knowledge and awareness of what needs to be changed in your swing. Or your approach to the game, the right coach will fix this. Golf clubs don’t have the ability to fix an error in your swing or make you aware. They just do what you tell it to do with the information you give it. The same thing is true of your life, your brain and body create your world based on the information you give it. If your message is “I hate my job,” and that message is backed with powerful emotions such as anger, frustration, and hate. Your brain and body will help you continue that cycle. Once our coaches explained that to us our whole world changed. Had we bought a shiny new toy instead of a coach we would have never known that we are the problem.

Golf is the exact same way. You are the only cause of every single shot in your round, good or bad. If you are experiencing the same results over and over and are unsatisfied with them, find a coach to help you get back on track. This goes for golf as well as life. I promise it to be the best investment you will ever make.