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Golf Fitness Programs and why you should start one today

Golf fitness programs and why you should start one today

In this edition of the GolfAnytime blog we will discuss Golf Fitness programs and why this is a crucial piece to improving your golf game. Golf fitness and golf workouts should be very different than a normal workout routine and in some cases much more beneficial than a normal workout routine.

I don’t know about you but I know a lot of people that workout to build strength and muscle mass, but if you were to ask them about flexibility, longevity, and movement you would hear crickets. Why is that? My quick answer is because people often don’t think about the consequences, especially 10 or 20 years down the road. Is weight lifting and running helping your golf game? Of course not, while they do help you get into get physical condition a good golf workout program focuses on a completely different objective, Movement.

Movement is the #1 thing holding most golfers back from reaching their true potential and playing this game we love for decades. Most golfers simply can’t swing properly because they are not in good enough physical shape. Golf can be very taxing on the body but in most of these cases it’s simply the body making incorrect compensations due to the golfer not being in good enough physical form. How do we fix this? Easy, check out the Best Golf Workouts 2020 as we will highlight what areas to target and give you some simple workouts you can do in the comfort of your own home.

Why should I start a Golf Fitness Program

There are some HUGE benefits to doing a golf fitness program, just to name a few.

  • Hit the ball longer
  • Higher club head and ball speed
  • Less trouble hitting out of bunkers and thick rough
  • Lower percentage of injuries
  • Play the game longer
  • Make efficient golf swings without swinging too hard
  • Better physical shape
  • Lower your scores

These are just a few of the benefits you will notice when you consistently workout targeting the right areas of your body. We all want to hit the ball longer, how do we do it? I’ll give you a hint, it’s not spending $500 on the latest driver that guarantees 10 more yards. Drivers have been maxed out for distance years ago, if they went any farther they’d be illegal. It’s not swinging harder, in fact in most cases swinging harder actually lowers club head speed and ball speed because of poor swing efficiency and mishits.

Most important areas to target for Golf Workouts

The Core

I’m sure most of you know this already but you Core is without a doubt the most important area to target when it comes to golf fitness programs. Anyway with good swing efficiency and club head speed will tell you that it comes from your core. What workouts target this area? Squats, squat jumps, and anything rotational from the hips up. Also anything that targets abs as well. The best way to do this in regards to golf fitness would be to include movements that relate to the golf swing. Think of a squat with rotation on the way up.


Many golfers don’t realize this but your legs play a huge role in your golf swing. Every long hitter in the world realizes this while guys that struggle to hit the ball 225 yards or more usually don’t. Your golf swing using leverage from the ground is far more powerful than just using your arms and hands. What I always tell people is to pause and the top of their backswing. Starting the down swing does not include throwing your arms and hands at the ball as fast as you can. You have to start the downswing with the weight transfer and the rotation from your legs. You are literally pulling the arms back into motion from your hips, not from your upper body.


Last but certainly not least, rotation. Rotation is obviously a major part of the golf swing and can either help or hurt you. If your body is not able to rotate properly you will miss out on yards, longevity, and of course, strokes. Having the ability to rotate properly allows all the pieces of the golf swing to fall into place perfectly and at the right time. That is how pros can swing so softly and smoothly yet strike a golf ball that goes 300 yards. They’re swing efficiency is nearly perfect because their body has the ability to rotate around a stable core.

When to start your new Golf Fitness Program

NOW! It sounds cliche but now is the only time you ever have to change the direction in your life. I never understand this until recently something shifted for me. I began to understand why decisions can only be made now. Why can’t I do this later? Why do things that get put off continue to be procrastinated on? It’s really pretty simple. You can’t make a decision in the future and you can’t make a decision in the past. You can only make a decision right now. In the future you will have a whole new set of circumstances and reasons why or why not you can do something. Right now is the perfect time to make a new decision and set the course for a new golf fitness program or a new workout program all together. The only time you will ever have to accomplish your goals is right now, so get started.