Golf Technology and what it can do for your game

As one of our initiatives this year, we have decided to find new ways to give more value to our fellow golfers. As golfers we all have one thing in common, the desire to improve our game. If we care at all about this game we will do whatever it takes to continue to improve in the game of golf. One of the biggest changes in golf in the last 5-10 years is the use of data. Now, thanks to advances in golf technology, everyday players have access to the same or similar equipment that the pros use. This is going to make it much easier and faster for amateurs to develop their game at the pace that they want. This is HUGE!!! By knowing your numbers you can easily improve your game without spending hundreds of dollars on a swing coach, new clubs, or hours and hours on the driving range and getting the same results.

Golf launch monitors and what the latest in golf technology can do for you

Do you remember going to the driving range 10 years ago, before TOP GOLF, before Launch Monitors, before Rangefinders? I would imagine I’m not the only one that went there to bomb drivers and see how far I can hit it. Needless to say, there is a better way. Now with the latest in golf technology you have access to the same data that the pros use to analyze their games. Today’s launch monitors give you the ability to use your range sessions to gather some crucial data like swing speed, and spin rates. Which means, you can look at your numbers and easily determine where you are going to focus your energy. This makes game improvement much faster and much more fun. For just under a couple hundred bucks, a player can now sort and analyze their range data and know exactly what club to hit at the course. No more guessing is going to save you strokes on the course, guaranteed.

GOLF GPS and why knowing the exact yardage is so important

Golf GPS has become a must have for the weekend golfer. Nearly every player on the course has golf gps on their wrist or on their phone. Why? Because it works. The technology is so much more accurate than the markings on most courses. Not to mention when you start to get away from the fairway you are no longer guessing. For me, the most important part is knowing the distance to the front, back, and middle sections of the greens. For most courses that can be at least a 1 club difference. It allows the player to decide if they would rather miss long or short and avoid the worst spots around the green.

Golf GPS isn’t just for shots into the green though. Even though thats kind of what we tend to associate them with. They have also become stroke savers for shots off the tee and layups on tough par 5’s. The latest models allow you to select different hazards and shows the exact distance to trouble. It’s no wonder why they have become such a staple for the average golfer. Just another way that Golf Technology could improve your game.

Golf rangefinders and what they can do for you

The simple addition of a quality Golf Rangefinder can really make a difference for any golfer that’s currently trusting the course. For starters, a golf rangefinder can give you the exact distance to anything on the course! That’s why they are my personal favorite when it comes to Golf Technology. The latest in Rangefinder technology also includes GPS built in to get an even more accurate number. This lets the golfer know that he is indeed shooting the flag and not a tree directly behind the pin. It also helps to see all the hazards around the green instead of having to shoot each individual hazard, as if golf doesn’t take long enough already.