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HomeCourse® Golf | Meet our Brands

HomeCourse® Golf | Meet our brands

Isn’t it amazing that we live in a world where so many people can bring their ideas to life and help solve problems with their creations? That’s exactly what Joseph Manieri did with the HomeCourse® Golf fully retractable golf simulator screen. He wanted to be able to warm up and play full rounds of golf in the comfort of your own home. So that’s what he did, he recognized a problem, a gap in the market, and came up with a solution that many golfers didn’t know was possible. He put a fully retractable golf simulator screen in your house. With its included remote control and one press of the button you turn any room into a golf room in under 30 seconds. Thank God for people like Joseph Manieri that don’t see the world for what it is but what it can be.

Let’s Check out the Products

HomeCourse® Golf Simulator Screen

What is the HomeCourse® Golf Simulator Screen? This screen is the first of its kind, it is fully retractable in under 30 seconds, wireless remote, and extremely portable. It is truly what every golfer has always wanted. It is extremely durable and can be used with a real golf ball, and is completely safe with its included extendable pro ams and sky netting. It can safely handle golf ball speeds up to 225 MPH! Also known as, faster than you can hit a golf ball. Turn any room in your home into a fully functional golf simulator thanks to Joe’s amazing creation!

HomeCourse® Retractable Golf Screen front view

HomeCourse® Landing Pad

The only down side to having a golf simulator in your home is the risk of damaging your belongings. Won’t a golf ball constantly landing on my floors be really noisy and damage them? No worries, the HomeCourse® Landing Pad is the perfect solution. It fits perfectly underneath your HomeCourse® Golf simulator screen and will soften the blow on every shot and keep your home quiet and safe. This is not a golf hitting mat and is made specifically to be used with the HomeCourse® Landing Pad.

Home Course Landing pad golf landing mat

HomeCourse® Mounting Kit

The HomeCourse® Mounting Kit makes the HomeCourse® simulator screen even more convenient. Simply hang the simulator screen on your wall and completely change your room in seconds. This Kit is specifically made for the HomeCourse® Golf Screen and is for ceilings that are taller than 9 feet to avoid the screen sagging on the floor. This is a simple and easy way to keep your HomeCourse® golf screen completely hidden when it’s not “golf time.” Of course if you’re reading this article, you’re probably like me and wish that it was always “Golf Time.”

Home Course Mounting Kit for Golf Simulator screen

GolfAnytime, Golf Anywhere

Our commitment to the game of golf is to give everyone the opportunity to GolfAnytime, and of course anywhere. I don’t know exactly how we are going to accomplish this goal yet, but I don’t have to. Like Joe, I see a problem that needs to be solved. Golf, for too many is too expensive and just not as accessible as we would like it to be. In order for the game to continue to grow cost, pace of play, and instruction all needs to be tweaked. We see a world where anyone can afford to play golf anytime, and anywhere they choose. Comment below if you want to live in this world.