In Golf and Life…

One of my favorite things about Golf has always been how much Golf and life are similar to each other. Many lessons of Golf can be applied to life and vise versa. The most important of which is having a destination in mind. Would you ever plan a trip without a destination in mind? Of course not, we all know exactly where we are going when it comes to vacation but when it comes to Golf many of us don’t have goals for our game and the same thing goes for life. It’s hard to get there when you don’t know where you are going. This statement goes for all three, vacation, golf, and definitely life.

In golf we all know we are trying to get to the hole eventually. How often do you really think about the best plan of attack and try to execute according to that plan? Most people say they aren’t good enough to do this, but what if the problem is you aren’t good enough because you don’t do this. Of course we aren’t going to execute our shots exactly as we plan all the time. On the opposite side of the spectrum how often will we execute if we never plan? Having a plan is the very thing that will let you know what you need to adjust to accomplish your goal. The same goes for life, if we have no plan no adjustments are necessary.

Having a plan in life is without a doubt the most important thing. I have spoke with hundreds of people that have no destination in mind. Having a destination in mind and with as much detail as possible is how the road map will begin to be created. You don’t have to know how, you don’t have to know when, you don’t have to “have the means.” All you have to know is the destination, the rest will all come together for you as you go.

My challenge to you is practice visualizing the destination. Not just for golf, but for everything you do. Then, let go of the outcome and watch what pieces fall into place or what challenges fall into place. The challenges are what you need to change to reach your goal.