Just you and the course

Throughout my golf career one of my favorite rounds was always me going out by myself. When it is just you and the course you really give yourself permission to work on your weaknesses. I believe it is so important for the correction and wellness of your golf game and almost no one ever talks about it. One of the big reasons people never do this is because they tried it once in the middle of the summer mid day and played a 4 hour round. Here are some tips to make your round by yourself enjoyable and productive.

You must tee off as early as possible.

This makes sure you don’t get caught in between a bunch of foursomes. If you are playing through groups all day, it will throw off focus and defeat the purpose. I like to be the very first tee time, which is usually around 7 am. There are few things more peaceful than being the first to tee off with no one behind you. If this isn’t possible for you depending on the course, playing in the evening can be pretty similar as well. The idea here is to have as few distractions as possible during your round.

If you hit a shot you aren’t satisfied with, correct.

This is my favorite part. It gives you a chance to analyze exactly what you did wrong on the previous swing and correct it with another ball, or two. To be completely honest sometimes I turn these rounds into a 4 ball scramble to see what I can shoot for 9 holes. The point is, don’t leave your shot frustrated and carry that emotion to the next shot, and the next shot. Now is your chance to let go of it and correct.

Don’t keep score.

This is more of a personal preference but I would at least recommend not keeping score at first until you get a couple of rounds under your belt. The reason for this is your focus should be on quality shot, correction shots, and just going about your round in a peaceful manner. The goal of this is to notice patterns in your golf game that are holding you back and correcting them without a lot of people watching or telling you what to do.


Golf by myself has always been a form of meditation for me, before I even knew what meditation was. A little backstory here is at the beginning of this year I thought my meditation practice would be the answer to all of my weaknesses in golf. I tend to be a little bit of a high strung golfer. I have always expected so much of my game. At first, it worked wonders, and then all of my same patterns started showing up. Hit a bad shot, get frustrated, start swinging harder and lose control of the swing and the round. As you can imagine this made it very difficult to score well as golf is a game of misses. Meditation didn’t help my golf game until I recognized the pattern. I also noticed that I hadn’t played any rounds by myself yet this year. I literally had to retrain my body and mind how to carry myself through a round of golf. How did I do this? Playing a round by myself.

What to expect.

Over the last couple weeks I have used this strategy several times to work on correcting misses. I worked on calming myself after a bad shot. I also worked on changing my pre shot routine to take more factors into account before I choose a club and take a couple practice swings. Now that I have retrained I am able to keep those habits in every round of golf that I play. I continue to create new and better habits that help me improve my game. This past Saturday I got back into the red numbers shooting my first round under par this year, with many more to come. Hope this helps anyone that sometimes struggles with the mental side of the game like I have.

When it is just you and the course all of these changes are much easier. You literally have to rewrite your chemistry on the golf course. This work does take time, especially if you are one that struggles with a bad temper. It took me the better part of a year just to be able to calm myself after hitting a bad shot.

I hope this helped all of you. For more information check out our post on Deepak Chopra’s book here, https://golf-anytime.com/just-relax/.