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Offseason Training Guide | Golf Practice Nets | Training Aids & more

Offseason Training Guide | Golf Practice Nets | Training Aids & more

Everyone wants to hit the ball more consistently, hit more fairways and greens, and score lower. What’s holding us back? I think for many golfers its not knowing what a proper strike looks or feels like. Even the ones that do often struggle to fix their ball striking for the long term. Why? Golfers are often practicing the wrong things and going back into old habits that feel comfortable. Here is how to correct that. This post is going to show you how adding a golf practice net can drastically lower scores in just 10 minutes per day.

Impact is everything

Yup, thats right, impact is everything. In fact, some would argue its the only thing that really matters. How do we retrain ourselves to impact the ball correctly? If you have been following my work you know how deeply I believe in engaging your subconscious mind. What the F*** does that mean? Your subconscious is the deepest part of you and is responsible for many of your unconscious habits, including your habits on the golf course.

Okay, whats your point? My point is that in order to fix your ball striking you have to MASSIVELY override the behavior that isnt working for you. If you are coming over the top you need to practice dropping the club into the slot position without hitting a ball. Literally rehearse this one move over and over and I would say exaggerate the correct move.  Products like the Eyeline Checkpoint Laser help you do this with ease.

The simple addition of adding an indoor or outdoor golf practice net to your home can really help hammer in these new impact habits. If you ever watch pros at the range you kinda get what im saying. They tend to over correct their errors by drilling in the correct habit. Now I know none of us have hours a day to do this, but in as little as 10 minutes a day this can have a huge impact on your golf game.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Of course you don’t have enough time to practice, we live in America. There are one million things to do on all our lists and our faced paced society reminds us of even more things we need to add to that list. Fuck all that, you need to narrow your focus on the things that really matter to you. Stop running around in a hundred different directions all day.

When I say practice, practice, practice it doesn’t mean you need an hour a day or more. The important part of practice is consistency. That’s how we engage the subconscious and create the new behavior. I’ll be honest, I never thought practicing at home would ever translate to the course, but I’ve been practicing what I preach a few years now and have seen MASSIVE RESULTS.

It’s because I know how to engage the subconscious, It’s the habit mind and to override it you have to stop the old behavior and practice the new one. Just 10 minutes a day can get you some serious results.

At Home Practice Net

I never thought hitting balls into a net would be impactful or translate to any real results on the course. Boy, was I wrong. The first year I got my practice golf net for home I dropped 3 strokes and am now a scratch handicap golfer. You see, there is knowing where your ball went by watching its flight, and then there’s knowing where your ball went by feel. When you start to feel what would happen with each swing you become much more engaged and are able to correct the mis hits.

Also, hitting golf balls into a practice net can also help you practice certain weaknesses in your swing, also engaging the subconscious. Say at impact your face is slightly open and hands behind the ball, you can intentionally practice and fix this mistake in as little as ten minutes per day. For most golfers correcting impact could save them ten shots or more!

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