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In this week’s edition of Meet Our Brands we will be featuring OptiShot Golf. Optishot Golf is also a Michigan based company and has made a huge impact in the game of golf. Optishot Golf Simulators remain one of the most popular and affordable golf simulators on the market today. There is a reason for their huge success the last couple of years, and it’s quite simple, they listen. They knew every golfer wants access to a golf simulator 24/7. With the Optishot 2 golf simulator, they delivered.

A new generation of golf

Optishot helped create this new generation of golf we are all seeing. This golf at home movement was all started with affordable, quality, at home golf products. Optishot took that to another level. With the Optishot 2 golf simulator they made golf at home realistic, and most importantly affordable. The OS2 made golfing at home possible, but more importantly, available to anyone. Before Optishot you had to spend thousands of dollars if not more to have access to golf 24/7. Now with the Golf in a box packages, you can get an all included golf package for under $1,000! That’s crazy!

The Future of Golf

What is the future of Golf? Everyone talks about how to grow the game and the big challenges the game faces. Truth be told the challenges are growing. In our home state of Michigan we have over 600 golf courses! It is hard to believe that 600 golf courses can survive long Michigan winters with little to no revenue. Running a golf course is expensive and the cost to play keeps going up! Is golf technology the future of golf? I hate to say it because there’s nothing I love more than being outdoors and playing a beautiful golf course, but as golf technology improves, do states like Michigan need 600 golf courses? Is it possible that the game will move more towards indoor golf?

The benefits of Virtual Golf

Optishot is one of the leaders that is pioneering the game of virtual golf. There are a ton of benefits to this revolution of golf that might leave some golf courses in the dust. Before you kick and scream, hear me out. Outdoor golf is my favorite thing in this world to do, I enjoy it more than sex. However, can outdoor golf be played anytime? Can you play courses all over the world anytime you want? How many golf balls do you lose during a round? How much does it cost to maintain a golf course? Can you play in a tournament anytime you want?

All of these problems are solved with virtual golf. You can literally GolfAnytime, day or night, rain or shine. You can play virtually any golf course in the world. You never lose a golf ball. You can play in golf tournaments and leagues anytime you want. Virtual golf is the future of golf, whether we like it or not. 10 years from now, I see far less golf courses open. I think the best golf courses will make it no problem. The fact is Golf Courses face a lot of challenges and they are not cheap to maintain. Virtual golf has many solutions for most of golfs problems.

The most affordable golf simulator package in golf

Optishot golf is most well known for creating the most affordable full golf simulator package. For just $799 you can get everything you need to golf in your living room. Check it our here

Optishot 2 Golf in a box series

Thanks Optishot Golf

Thank you Optishot Golf for your continued commitment to creating golfs future. Golf is facing a lot of challenges in the future and Optishot is tackling them one by one and head on. They are making golf at home affordable and worth playing, and for that we Thank you.