Ernest Sports Virtual Golf Simulators

Ernest Sports is at the forefront of golf simulator technology, and Golf Anytime is right there with them. We’re a proud partner that offers their cutting-edge golf technology to our customers. That’s right—you can buy an Ernest Sports simulator right here through Golf Anytime. It’s known as the ES2020, and it has an incredible array of features that few golf simulators can boast. This golf equipment connects directly to a high definition screen to simulate an entire golf course right in front of your eyes. Thanks to high-speed cameras and sensors, your swings actually translate into movement of the virtual ball, so you can play through courses just as you would in real life. Ernest Sports uses the popular E6 golf software to bring you the very best simulation experience available. Their easy to use software brings golf simulation to a whole new level and even includes putting simulation. If you are looking to build your own DIY simulator than the ES20/20 is the perfect product for you. If you’re truly dedicated to perfecting your golf performance, the ES 20/20 is for you!