Signs You’re Practicing Golf Wrong

Driving ranges are great if you want to bring your A-game to the course. But are you actually doing it right? Or is your time at the range messing up your golf routine? 

Cultivating bad golfing habits while practicing can hurt your game and make your sloppy at the course. But don’t worry, we are here to point out the mistakes that you might be making during your training sessions: 

Mistake #1: Not planning every shot 

While playing golf, you need to make hundreds of decisions and decision making involves getting into planning mode! You must take your time to visualize each shot, read the course, take the obstacles into account before taking your shot. Hitting ball after ball at the range without any prior planning or without having your eyes on a particular target will set you up for failure at the course. 

Mistake #2: Playing the same shot over and over again

While many might tell you that hitting the ball at the same target repeatedly will help you to improve your golf swing, studies prove otherwise. Yes, repetition is important; but practicing the same shot without the help of aids such as golf swing speed monitors and until your range bucket is out of balls won’t prepare you for competitive golfing. Adaptability is an important skill to have as a golfer and this method leans towards rote learning. 

Instead, practice your entire golf routine and hit different sets of shots to a variety of targets that differ in distance and also require you to strategize, as well as use different clubs when you’re at the range. 

Mistake #3: Not getting feedback on your swings 

When you are practicing alone, it’s easy to miss out on a lot of things that might be impacting your performance. From poor body posture, inability to understand how your swing works, to choosing the wrong clubs, there might be a lot of issues that could cause those bad shots. 

That is why you must get feedback from coaches or with the help of training aids, the best golf launch monitors, mirrors, or by watching a slo-mo video of your practice session. Your aim should not be to avoid bad shots, but it should be to correct them. 

If you stay away from these extremely common mistakes, you will be able to make the transition from the range to the course easily. Happy playing!