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SuperSpeed Golf Training System | Meet Our Brands

SuperSpeed golf Training system| meet our brands

In this weeks edition of Meet Our Brands we will be introducing SuperSpeed Golf. SuperSpeed Golf has designed and created revolutionary golf swing training products that are used by over 700 top tour pros today! The SuperSpeed Golf Training System is simple and easy and helps thousands of golfers all over the world increase their club head speed through scientific principles. Why SuperSpeed Golf? Their customers get results. The average user of SuperSpeed Golf products sees a 10% increase in club head speed in as little as 6 weeks!

Meet the Founders

SuperSpeed Golf was founded in 2014 by Michael Napoleon and Kyle Shay. Since 2014 they have used scientifically proven principles of underload/overload training to help thousands of golfers increase their club head speed and swing efficiency and gain more yards in every aspect of the game. Users of their products find out very quickly that your arms can not dominate the swing. So many amateurs think that club head speed comes from the upper body. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. If you are going to gain club head speed with the SuperSpeed Golf Training System you must learn to swing from the ground up.

SuperSpeed Golf Products

SuperSpeed Golf Products are a simple 3 weight progressive program that you use to develop your power. Simply start with the lightest weight and follow their free guide to increase your speed and distance. SuperSpeed Golf Training System users notice an increase in club head speed within weeks of using their products. SuperSpeed Golf products have helped so much that they have since released products for every age group and swing type and now help LPGA Tour Players and even kids aged 7-9 increase their club head speed.

SuperSpeed Golf swing weights system

Who are SuperSpeed Products for?

SuperSpeed Golf has become so popular that they have created a line of products for every age group and swing speed! Whether you are just taking up the game or on the PGA Tour, there is a SuperSpeed product for you! Speed training for golf has never been easier! Simply swing SuperSpeed Golf Training System products 3 times per week and watch your club head speed steadily increase with use!