The 3 best putting tips

The 3 Putting tips no one has ever told you

The 3 Putting tips

First of all, I like putting tips. There’s nothing better in life than hearing an easy tweak from a friend and getting massive results! So what are the 3 best putting tips no one has ever told you? They’re going to surprise you. They have nothing to do with your grip, nothing to do with your stance, and nothing to do with your stroke. Like most of my tips, I like to teach from a place of mindset first. Mindset is the most important part of your golf game that no one is working on, and it helps you in your life too! These three tips are sure to accelerate your golf game and your life.

Visualize it

The second of The 3 putting tips is easy and the greatest athletes in sports history all use it. When it comes to putting, it’s simple, visualize the perfect line where the putt goes in every time. We all have the ability to do this but most of us don’t see the value in it so they don’t take the time. I will tell you that every professional athletes practice this in some form. We all know that the greats do it! So why the fuck are you not doing this? It takes 10 minutes in a day to apply to your life and 30 seconds before a putt. It all comes back to whether you believe it will work or not. Trust me, in 1 week you will understand the importance of this.

What do you think every pro does while they are reading a putt. They are visualizing how this putt is going to drop in the hole. Starting with the end in mind shows you the path. This is why most of them start at the hole and work their way back to their ball.

Feel it

That’s right, use your fucking feelings to your advantage! Why is that such a hard thing for a guy to admit. Using your emotions to your advantage works, and it’s easy and the results show up immediately. Think about it, don’t you perform better when you feel great. Why would you not hack your mind and your putting to use this to your advantage. It’s an easy tweak that will reap benefits you didn’t know were possible and is so easy to implement.

All you need to do is anticipate the outcome you want with feelings of joy, happiness, and gratitude. Sure, it sounds like a fairy tale. Guess what, I wouldn’t be here today without this habit and it only take 5 or 10 minutes a day to notice an immediate impact in whatever your working towards, including putting.

Golf is the most frustrating game on the planet. This is the hardest part right. After I miss a couple 3 footers in a row I’m pretty sure you can see steam coming out of my ears. Take some deep breaths and focus on calming your self down and learn to let it go. This is the most important of “feeling it.” You have to build the habit of being able to calm yourself down no matter what. This is a learned behavior, if getting all worked up is a habit of yours, wouldn’t you agree that you learned that habit? If you learned that habit couldn’t you unlearn that and teach yourself a new behavior? The answer is yes, of course you can. Now is the time to make it a focus.

Lose attachment

This is the most important step, we must detach from the outcome. When we are fearful of a certain outcome (missing a 3 footer) it influences our stroke and clouds our vision. The only reason we would be fearful of this outcome is we attach to much importance to the outcome. It’s important to remember that at the end of the day, this game that we all know and love, is just a game. There is no reason to attach any thing to our results. A make or miss does not define us and you will find when you lose attachment to outcomes, success becomes much easier, and failures don’t hurt as bad. The same goes for life, what goals are you chasing? Do you think you will feel better when you arrive? Of course we think that, that’s half of the reason we set high goals for ourselves. But the truth is, when we finally get there we realize that we don’t feel any different. Maybe for a moment, but once that excitement wears away now what?

Losing attachment doesn’t mean not caring about the outcome, it means not tying our self worth to the outcome. It’s an understanding that you can live with joy, gratitude, and happiness regardless of the outcome. Do you see that mental shift? It doesn’t matter whether I make or miss, either way I am enjoying this round of golf. If you can practice this I guarantee you make more putts and have more fun golfing. Everyone is out there chasing all of these crazy tips from different golfers, none of which are tailored to you. Could it really be simple mental tweaks that take your game and life to the next level? Yes, the question becomes, will you stay focused on them long enough to get those results you are seeking.

How to apply the 3 putting tips to your life

This is the best part, the three putting tips is that it can be applied to your life as well. It may even be more simple to apply to your life. First of all, visualize it. Where are you going? Do you even know? If the picture in your mind of your future is not so strong that you can hear it, taste it, see it, feel it, and speak it, that just means it isn’t real enough yet. If you want to make major changes in your life the first step is visualize your perfect life. What do you want it to like? It is really this simple.

Now that you have your end goal in mind, feel it. Can you train your body to feel your future before it is a reality? Of course you can, you may not know how yet, but that’s what we’re working on. The fact of the matter is, the reason you chose that future outcome is because you think it will make you feel good. Feeling that feeling now is going to bring it life. What’s it going to feel like when you get to $10 million dollars, or get that new job, new car. It’s going to feel amazing right?? Imagine how grateful you will be when this falls into place for you. This is when doors start opening and your mind starts to work for you.

The most important step of the 3 putting tips, let it go. This is the lose attachment step. If this doesn’t work for you immediately are you going to kick and scream, or stay patient and trust the process? The only reason someone would kick and scream when they don’t achieve their goal is because they are way too attached to the outcome. Remember it doesn’t really matter if you hit your goal or not. If you do, great! If you don’t, now you have a clearer roadmap to the outcome you are looking for.

Oh, and when it comes to putting, stop being so afraid. So many of us are afraid to miss a putt and that is the exact outcome we align with. Do you think you make a better stroke when you are scared or confident? Exactly, put the 3 putting tips into practice in your golf game and your life, and share your results with us!