The Most Important Drill in Golf

I think we can all agree that the amount of information about the golf swing is becoming a bit over whelming. It seems as if for every video out there preaching one drill there are ten videos disproving it. That is one of my favorite things about this specific drill, everyone will agree with it. It is one of the most obvious yet underutilized drills in the game, at least by amateurs. Every single pro practices this several times a week if not daily. So what is it? The art of the dead straight putt.

Admit it, you’ve had dead straight putts in the past and wanted it to just break a little bit in either direction. The fault in this is that every putt is a dead straight putt. Pros treat every putt like a dead straight putt because they really are, you’re just imagining your target outside of the hole and trying to hit a straight putt to your target line. So how often do you practice dead straight putts? Do you know how? It’s actually quite simple, many at home putting greens will come with some sort of alignment tool. Some of them will just have a straight line marked on the green while others will come with a device more like the pros use with a small rope stands a couple inches above the ball. Whichever one you choose just know that it is the most important drill in golf.

Why? It’s simple, how often do you use your driver? How about your wedge? The most used club in everyones bag is the putter, and guess what, every putt is a straight putt! That is what makes this the most simple drill ing golf. This is why pros focus on the straight putt so often. The ability to hit your target line with the putter is what makes pros so good at putting. The art of the dead straight putt is one of the most under practiced and under utilized drills amongst amateurs and it is such an easy fix. All it takes is a 20 minutes a day, or at least 20 minutes before your round. It will be the best thing you have ever done for your golf game.

Not sure how to practice the most simple drill in golf? It’s easy, head over to our putting greens section here and find a putting green that comes with a string guide or built in straight putt guide. These are all for the purpose of practicing the art of the dead straight putt.