Big Moss Country Club putting green

The Ultimate Buying Guide for Indoor Putting Mats

Why to invest in an indoor putting green? There may be more than one answer to that question but the only one you need to focus on is “it will improve your game drastically.” You have a putting mat for indoors; you practice your putting more often- it’s no rocket science! You don’t need to pack the clubs, put them into the car, and drive to a golf course. Sharpen your skills straight from the comfort of your home. After a few weeks, you will surely develop a consistent stroke that will help you take numbers off the final score.

What kind of indoor putting should you buy?

Before deciding what will be the best golf putting mat for your home, you need to explore all the options. Golf mats come in an array of shapes and sizes. So, this is not a one size fits all kind of a deal. If you have a spacious home and you can easily set aside ample amount of room for a putting mat, choose something big. These will allow you to practice putts of varied lengths. We recommend Big Moss’s Long Putt Putting Green V2. You may also get their Natural Putting Green V2.


Usually, the amount of room you have inside should not restrict you from investing in a putting mat for indoors. Space isn’t that significant; you will easily get a smaller mat. If you are thinking that you won’t be able to practice longer putts, remind yourself that short putt is as important as a long drive. You can’t afford to miss them. A small mat is perfect to work on this game-changing skill.

Final words

It is no secret that golf is a game that needs practice to master and short game is an important skill to ace it. If you want a scorecard at the end of each round with fewer strokes, work on your putting. Think about all the missed short putts and you will realize what we are talking about.

Despite this being one of the most popularly given golf tip, only a few golfers actually put it into practice. They instead prefer to practice belting the ball down the fairway. Invest in a golf mat and you will not fall into this trap. It will allow you implement various tips to actively refine your putting. That’s what investing in a putting mat can do for your game!

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