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Top Tips to Help You Choosing the Right Golf Strategy on the Course

Shooting lower scores in golf requires using the right golf strategy at the right time. By doing so, you can save yourself dozens of strokes during a season. However, choosing the right strategy can be challenging, especially for beginners. Generally, it demands making tough decisions in stressful situations on the golf course. Though you can get better at it if you practice on a Rapsodo launch monitor, you still need to face critical situations on the course and decide what would best for you.Here are a few tips to help improve your golf strategy and decision making skills on the course:


Develop go-to shots

One thing that can help you pick the right golf strategy is developing go-to shots in crucial areas of your game. Go-to shots are trusted shots that you hit well and have great control over almost every time. They can transform your game and simplify your decision making. You will want to create situations on the course that give you opportunities to hit these shots, and your game will naturally get better.

Hitting drives under pressure

While developing go-to shots is vital, learning to hit them when you are under pressure is more important. By doing this, you will know how to play a shot under pressure. Experts recommend splitting the fairway with your drive. It helps you cut strokes from the cores and build confidence in a hole, keeping you out of trouble. You can also try practicing a fade at a range using a Rapsodo indoor launch monitor. You can use this shot whenever you find yourself under pressure on the tee.

Hitting an approach shot over the water

Many golfers get scared when going near the water. This is primarily because they can’t decide how far they can hit with every club they have in the bag. The trick is not knowing how far you can hit in total distance, but it lies in knowing your carry distance with each club. If you can practice hitting with a club that delivers great carry on, you will have less difficulty when going near the water.

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