Your Simple Guide To Building a Backyard Golf Green

Your Simple Guide To Building a Backyard Golf Green

Not all golfers have the luxury to get a golf club membership and practice the game on the course. However, many golf enthusiasts may have a backyard, which is enough to practice golf and get better at it. While a large backyard is certainly an advantage, you can use a yard or garden of any size to enjoy and practice the sport. And if you are skeptical about it, you should know that most players practice golf swings in the backyard, from putting to driver swing to more.


Here’s your quick guide to setting up your golf green in the backyard:

Setting Up A Driving Surface

To start with, pick a suitable place where you can conveniently drive your ball. Once you have chosen a spot, get a driving mat, and place it there. It’s best to use a putting green because it helps protect your natural grass from swings. Many people also like to build a concrete slab underneath the driving mat to have the best driving practice session. 

Setting Up A Practice Net

The next step involves setting up a backyard or outdoor golf practice net right in front of the driving surface. If a net is out of your budget, which should not be the case as many online stores provide golf nets at affordable prices, get three 8/9 feet steel or alloy pipes, two L-shaped connectors, and a durable fabric net. Then, build a goalpost using these pipes, connectors, and the net. Remember to keep the net loosely fitted so that it can withstand the force of the golf ball when you practice golf swing in the backyard

Setting Up A Putting Surface

Building a putting surface is easy since there are outdoor putting mats available just for setting up a mini-golf course at home or in the backyard. All you need to do is pick a plain surface, install the mat there. 

Final Note

Once you have built a backyard golf green for yourself, practice all the crucial drills at home without spending thousands of dollars on expensive club memberships.

If you are looking for an outdoor putting green and other accessories to building a backyard golf green, feel free to get in touch with us with your requirements.